Introducing betterstage, an indie game development studio based in Brazil.
We are a passionate team of developers, artists, and gamers who are dedicated to creating unique and memorable gaming experiences.
As an indie studio, we have the freedom to take risks and explore new ideas, resulting in a diverse portfolio of games that stand out from the crowd.
From retro-inspired pixel art to modern 3D graphics, we believe that games should be more than just entertainment, but also a form of art that can inspire and engage players.

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Create your customized game

If you have a magnificent idea or want to tell a story, promote your brand or company,
don’t waste your time and money learning complex game engines, contact and let us take the best care of your project.
When we’re not making successful games for other companies, we’re creating our own!

Play it anywhere

We create games using a top notch engine that allow us deploy and run it in every new device and gaming console.
We are specialized in lowpoly modeling, a technique used to achieve stylistic, geometric recreations of real-life objects,
but we can also create high definition 3d models and 2d drawings.

Multiplayer online

The next level of a game is the multiplayer, the most popular games today have at least one multiplayer feature.
We have network expertise to create online gameplay and other features like shared records, chat lobbies, matchmaking and much more.

Gamify your brand

Transform your brand’s vision into captivating Roblox experiences, designed to engage and enchant a global audience. Our dedicated team combines creativity with strategic insight to develop immersive games, events, and virtual environments that elevate your brand in the digital realm. By leveraging the unique interactive platform of Roblox, we help you connect with younger demographics in meaningful ways, ensuring your brand stays ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of digital engagement.


Bring your ideas to life


Create 2D and 3D assets


Play it anywhere

Contact us: