Collision effects

I added the collision types and layers to the map, now the projectile is colliding with entities and also implemented the special effects when the collision happens.

Shake it baby

I changed a bit the cadence of the weapon to test multiple projectiles, also improved the camera shake using perlin noises (


Nice improvements to the camera, now its lerping to the middle of the player and the cursor, also its shaking a bit every shot. Added the rotation to the animation to follow the cursor.

Weapon cadence

I improved the weapon class, adding some cadence, and also added some other entities to the map.


I’ve started to work on a projectile, also implemented the weapon movement.

Skin and weapons

I added an opengl shader to replace the skin colors and also attached the weapon object so we can walk around holding another object.

First frames

This is my first post about the game i’ve been working on. Perfect Attack. It’s going to be a rogue like with multiple enemies and skills. It’s been created on my spare time, and i am using C++ with SFML. In this video you can see a demo of the map (LDtk) loader, layers, a […]